Travelling in LITHUANIA

Lithuania is easy to reach by plane from anywhere in Europe and the rest of the world. Travel distances within the country and to other Baltic States are short and convenient.

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Start your tour of The Baltics from the South and Lithuania will be the first of the Baltic States you visit. The country has Latvia as its neighbour in the North, Belarus – in the East and South-East, Poland and Russia (Kaliningrad) - in the South-West. And of course – the Baltic Sea coast in the West. This coast is one of the most attractive places in Lithuania because of the Curonian Spit – a narrow peninsula washed by the Baltic Sea on one side and the Curonian Lagoon on the other. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of picturesque sand dunes, fishermen‘s villages and long beaches.

"Unseen Lithuania” Video:

More than 50 flights using various aircrafts, tens of thousands of travelled kilometers and shots taken have become a big format photo album "Unseen Lithuania”. From Vilnius Old Town to the Dunes of Neringa, from the Valley of Raigardas to the meanders of Musa river Unseen Lithuania reveals the beauty of all Lithuania, embraces big cities and little villages, rivers and lakes, forests and fortress mounds, sea and sky. In what was probably the most costly to produce of all the albums about Lithuania, there are more than 250 unique big-size very high quality aerial pictures. Here, the most famous places go along with mysterious, unseen corners. Experience a new feeling, see how incredibly beautiful country was created by nature and people.


Short History of Lithuania

Lithuania is the only one of the Baltic States that already was a sovereign state in the 13th century and during the 14th century was the largest country in Europe. There are plenty of medieval castles all around the country that were home to the Dukes of Lithuania and served as defensive fortresses during wars. Throughout the ages the country has also been taken over by few other nations that have left their marks in Lithuanian culture and history. While travelling in Lithuania you will find out that this country had its capital moved from one city to another a few times. And even though Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, do not miss the chance to visit Kaunas – the second largest city and temporary capital during the Interwar period. And you already know the seaside of Lithuania is special but there is one more unique place that you will visit on the way from Vilnius to the seaside or Riga. It’s the Hill of Crosses – a place where thousands of crosses have been put over the years for different reasons.

Photos of Lithuania Places

Nida - Sand dunes in the Curonian Spit

Trakai Castle close to Vilnius

Vilnius University

St. Anne's Church and historical-architectural

Vilnius Cathedral

Kaunas St. Michael the Archangel Church

Vilnius Gediminas' Tower

The Hill of Crosses

Pažaislis Monastery

Vilnius at Night

Kaunas Street Art

New Year in Vilnius


Modern capital city with cobblestone streets in the Old Town

First mentioned in the 14th century Vilnius is the capital and the largest city of Lithuania. It already became the centre of culture and education in The Baltics in 1579 when Vilnius University – the first university in the Baltic States – was established. The city’s architecture has evident influence of Western cultures and the Old Town of Vilnius is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.TOUR OF VILNIUS OLD TOWN. The tour of the city will take you to the place where according to a legend Vilnius was founded by Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania, and Gediminas’ Tower still stands. You will also visit the Cathedral Square where you will see the monument for the founder of the city – unless you miss that while looking at the beautiful neoclassical Cathedral of Vilnius. St. Anne’s church is a place to go for some amazing gothic architecture and there is the historical-architectural ensemble of Bernardines right next to it – a place worth your time. Vilnius University with its own Church of Sts. Johns is at the very heart of the city and the cobblestone streets leading to it will take you years back in time with many souvenir shops on every corner.

Lithuania is easy to reach by plane from anywhere in Europe and the rest of the world. Travel distances within the country and to other Baltic States are short and convenient.